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Garden or Keep Going?


Garden or Keep Going?

I’m 23 graduated in May. My credit history is practically all student loans and 1 credit card from 3 years ago. I bought a car and opened up an auto loan at the end of May and was able to grab 3 new CC’s the end of July. No baddies, AAOA Went down to 1.6 years, 9 accounts (3 student loans closed; my largest student loan of course still open), 2-4 INQ depending on bureau. Scores all went down ranging from 697-720 depending on the bureau and model.

Old CC:
Local CU Visa - $2.5k CL [3 years]

My recent additions:
USAA AMEX - $8k SL [2 months]
AMEX BCE - $4k SL (CLI today to $8.5k) [2 months]
NFCU Cash - $16k SL [2 months]

I’m looking for advice or maybe what you would do. I’m interested in 3 cards: USAA Limitless for the 2.5% all, Chase Amazon Prime (have Prime and use a lot), and Chase Freedom (not a super important one but figured might get away with 2 apps for 1 HP). I’m prequalified for CF, CFU, CSP, and Slate. Also “Prequalified” for USAA’s 1.5% card (but not limitless). Should I let my 3 new cards age or should I try for a combination or all of the 3 cards above? I’d hate to get a ton of wasted inquiries for denial but feel as if I can make good use of USAA limitless and Chase Amazon. But I’m also at 3/24 and wouldn’t know which order would be the most efficient in terms of approval and SL for all. Maybe you’ve had a similar situation and had success?

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Re: Garden or Keep Going?

stop and garden. don't get greedy's an order.

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Re: Garden or Keep Going?


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Re: Garden or Keep Going?

Chase might approve you, but with your recent additions, you might end up with a limit that's lower than what you'd like. I'd let your new cards reach at least six months of age, preferably nine or twelve. Because you'll want to app for Chase cards first (5/24), that'll delay applying for other cards. In the time that elapses, you might find that the USAA card you really want is within reach.


In the meantime, concentrate on your current cards and any spending bonuses you might need to reach. And definitely plan on gearing up for another AMEX CLI in six months.

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Re: Garden or Keep Going?

If your asking you already know you should be gardening Smiley Happy

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Re: Garden or Keep Going?

Thanks for advice everyone. I’ll hold off and revisit the idea at the end of spring or so.

Is anyone familiar with NFCU CLI’s? I read you might get away with a SP and if that’s possible i could potentially look into that. How do I know when their AR is so I can have higher chances of not getting a HP?

@Jago22 fair enough... I guess I was getting app-happy lol
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Re: Garden or Keep Going?

I think if you have a financial plan, then you should follow it. You said you could use the CCs you're thinking of apping for, or at least maximize your INQs, so I don't see why you shouldn't go for it. Especially with the holidays coming up, I suspect you'd earn quite a few rewards with the Amazon Prime CC. When people are apping just for the sake of apping, then yes, that's probably when they should go garden. But I wouldn't go garden if you have a plan in place and can benefit financially from your apping. I can't speak on the Limitless, but maybe do some research and see if your credit profile is good enough to be approved, but I'd definitely app for the AP and F from Chase. You're AAoA will take another hit, but since you already have your auto loan, and I don't suspect you'll be buying a house in the near future, I think by the time you need to app for anything it'll have rebounded nicely. 

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Re: Garden or Keep Going?

Stay in the garden and let your cards grow and your file age. Dv

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Re: Garden or Keep Going?

You can never hurt by gardening. No risk and very beneficial.

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