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AMEX BCE Approved!

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AMEX BCE Approved!

Evidently I am on a mini spree as of late...


Approved Discover 6k SL (DisneyLand expenses)


Approved Citi Diamond 6300 SL (Balance Transfer portion of my closed cc over)

Approved BOA BankAmeriCard 5k SL (BT rest of closed cc over)



Amex BCE Approved 4100 (this one didnt really have a purpose but nice to have my first AMEX)


Now I will have my closed cc that haunted me for 7 years done for, Disneyland incdientals paid for stress free, and Earn 3% on groceries for Disney trips and 2% for the gas down there (from it will be alot lol)

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Re: AMEX BCE Approved!


FICO 08 Scores (Mar-18): TU 811, EQ 810, EX 805

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Re: AMEX BCE Approved!

Congrats on first amex!


I am about 1 year into amex after having all other cards for 12+ years!




(TUfico8 828)--(TUvs3.0 803)--(EXfico8 795)--(EXbcscore2 765) CL- pers 150k+ util~2% biz $85k+
BOA 8k--Amazon Prime Store 10k--Chase Amazon Prime 500--Amex Blue Cash Everyday 6k--WellsFargo Cash Wise 14k--PNC Core 10.2k--WalmartMC 10k--SearsMC 10k--Lowes 18k--Toyota 6.5k--Capital One 5250--BP 10k--Home Depot 24.2k--Chase FU 6.6k--Discover 14k
BIZ- Amex Plum NPSL--Amex SC+ $13.5k--Amex B4B $12k--Chase Ink $36k--PNC $25k
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Re: AMEX BCE Approved!

That's sweet Marinersguy!  Congratulations!


Question for ya.  What are your scores like currently?  and do you have any baddies?



~~~Rebuilding Score History~~~
Starting Ficos: EX 541, EQ 493, TU 523 (07/02/2016)
Latest Ficos: EX 659, EQ 696, TU 739 (02/24/2018)
1st Goal Ficos: EX 700, EQ 700, TU 750 (12/31/2018)
~~~Credit lines~~~~
BankAmericard Platinum Plus: $2000, Latest CLI-N/A
Capital One Platinum: $500, Latest CLI-12/2017

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Re: AMEX BCE Approved!

Oh i forgot to put data points in the original message, sorry about that! (I really need to add that to my sig)

0/7500 Sync

0/1000 Chase

0/9500 Freedom

3900/8250 Kay

2300/2500 Personal LOC

3900/14000 BOA

0/6000 Discover

0/4600 Citi


4-7 Inqs across all CBs, 1 baddie 30 day late Mar 2013.

AAoA 5 yrs 7 months

FICO: 716 EX, 689 TU, 698 EQ (TU and EQ dont have recent payoff of citi or discover yet reporting)


I think now after i get my closed card transferred to my Diamond and new BOA card, im going to focus on paying down my 3700 bal on BOA since it has the highest int rate and in garden for at least 6 months from today.

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Re: AMEX BCE Approved!

Congrats, fellow Seattle-ite! I just landed my BCE a couple days ago, though I used it for BT. 

(as of 3/15/18)
FICO 8701667675
FICO 9699670686
FAKO VS3667unk670

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Re: AMEX BCE Approved!

Congrats on the BCE!


It's a nice grocery card that might help you eat healthier, LOL!

   EQ=803       TU=777       EX=775    INQ=3/4/7   UTIL~1%    AAoA=7yr      AZEO        Mortgage
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Re: AMEX BCE Approved!

Congratulations 😁

Equifax Fico 8[704] Experian Fico 8[643]Transunion Fico 8[662]
UTI 18% Wells Fargo Cash Wise 7.5K, Barclays AAdvantage MC $5K, NFCU GoRewards 3.3K, BofA Travel rewards 5.5k, BofA Americard 5.5k, Home Depot Commercial 1k, Best Buy Visa 2k, ExxonCard $800, PenFed Visa Sig 6k, NFCU CLOC 10K, Boscov's 4.5K, Overstock 2.2k, Sportmans $300 [Not activated], Amex BCE $500, Amex SPG 3K, BarClay Arrival $2k, DiscoverIT 9k, AmazonCard 4k, PayPal MC 5K, BarclayRewards 3.8K, CapOne Silver 10K, CapOne Venture 6K, Lowes Credit 7.5K, Wal-Mart Store Card 5K, Wayfair 2K
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Re: AMEX BCE Approved!

Congrats! Good goal to meet and its a nice card!

Starting Score-(05/2014): FICO ||EX:528--EQ:508--TU:553||
Current Score--(03/2018): FICO ||EX:681--EQ:690--TU:692||

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Re: AMEX BCE Approved!

Current Fico Scores: TU-676 | EX-670 | EQ-696

Amex ED (5k) | Cap One QS1 ($500) | Cap One Plat (1k) | Discover IT (3.4k) | Merrick Bank (1.2k)
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