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AMEX BCE...Pending then..Approved!

Regular Contributor

Re: AMEX BCE...Pending then..Approved!

Thanks. I still need to send AMEX customer support a message to find out my CL and request backdating to my old Optima account Smiley Happy

Starting Scores: 667 EQ 09/2013 | 682 TU08 01/2014 | 689 EX 06/2014(via AMEX CLI)
Current Scores: 667 EQ 09/2013 | 735 TU08 12/2016 | 748 EX 12/2016

AMEX BCE $25K | AMEX Zync NPSL | Cap1 Quicksilver MC $6.9K | NFCU Visa Signature cashRewards $20K
NFCU NavChek $15K | PenFed Visa Platinum Cash Rewards $5.9K | Target Visa $11K | Comenity VS $6K | Walmart $4.5K