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Amazon Store card CLI

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Re: Amazon Store card CLI


I had some luck getting CLI's when I first got this card >2yrs ago. For awhile I was able to get CLI's ever 60 or 90 days or so. Brought the limit up from the initial $500 or whatever they gave me to $5000. 


But now it's been 449 days since my last CLI and nothing. They just keep denying me and sending me letters that say "by policy" or some such.


Guess I could try chat. It annoys me. I spend $500 on the card in many months which means the balance reports >10% and hits my FICO. Yes I know I could go pay it off in advance to prevent it from reporting, but even better in my mind would be getting the limit up to a level where I never have to worry about it and just letting autopay manage it (unless it's something serious like mortgage time then I'd do the all but 1 card thing--but that's effort).


Wondering if anybody else has gotten these consistent denials and gotten anywhere with chat or recon. I'll try that next I suppose.

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Re: Amazon Store card CLI

Syncrony bank is always a soft pull for CLI

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Re: Amazon Store card CLI

hmm ill have to try that chat thing didnt know u could do that for the store card! learn so much on here!

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