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Amex Auto CLI and other CLI"s

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Amex Auto CLI and other CLI"s

Amex - $500 auto increase.  reached $1000 limit. have been denied twice on the 3x cli. so i was happy i got some increase on this card.

Capitalone - disappoiting $400 increase thru CLI button.  took it cause i was expecting more. in 6 months hope to get a better increase.

discover - auto $300  decided to press CLI button online  SP $400   total $700 for the day   reached $3000 total

2 of my comenity cards went up $300 each for the month bump. 


overall not a bad week for increases.  while my limits went up ive been slowing paying down balances and now im at 12% utilization


scores are around 630-650  2 baddies 8 inquiries and 1.4 years aaoa. 


now im just waiting for my navy federal to come in big one day and ill be set.

FICO 8 10-17-2016 Equifax 634, Transunion 673, Experian 631

Quicksilver one, Cap1 Secured, Amazon Prime, DiscoverIT, Best Buy Visa, Paypal SC, Walmart Store, VicSecret, Jcrew, Gamestop, Barclays Apple, Target, Eddie Bauer, Overstock
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Re: Amex Auto CLI and other CLI"s

Nice money, your day is coming, we'll throw you a huge party in the garden to celebrateSmiley Happy
To obtain Credit One Kenobi status upon 0/24 is to Garden Harden!!
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Re: Amex Auto CLI and other CLI"s

Nice on the increases. Spring is turning out to be an alright season for some of us. Your persistence in paying down your cards has shown your worthiness.


Keep up the great work!

In the garden until January 2019
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