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Amex ... pending ... boom! ... approved ... HUH?

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Re: Amex ... pending ... boom! ... approved ... HUH?

Just an update on the credit pull. It was Experian, and only Experian -- as I'm sure most people here figured it would be. I do see from the credit pulls database at the Site This is Not to be Named (Creditboards) that Amex sometimes pulls other CRAs or double pulls. But for me it was just Experian.


Still no idea what my CL will be. Based on everything else I've read, I'm figuring low ($2,000 or so). I'm willing to be happily surprised if they granted more. But for a groceries and gas card, $2,000 will do until 3X CLI time comes along.

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Re: Amex ... pending ... boom! ... approved ... HUH?

As a person who is a manager of a company that should remain nameless but who deals with credit approvals, there are two possibilities:


1. A system delay


2. The application got kicked into manual review and the queue it got kicked into was relatively small. As an example, we have various queues that we work and some of them are easily emptied and they can be cleared quickly and others have a 2 day wait based on severity. It could have been that yours got kicked into one of the easier queues to work and so when they looked at it, they cleared it fast. Maybe it went into the "too many inquiries, but not too many" type of queue and the person working it was a 22 year old college student who is working them like a madman drone on a 12 hour shift and just wanted to go home. He went in there and cleared out 400 apps as fast as he could and at some point it just became CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR because he stopped caring/wasn't paying attention/knew all the apps are exactly the same.

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