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Approved AMEX BCE, Want Barclays $400/$1000, Bad Idea to Apply?

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Re: Approved AMEX BCE, Want Barclays $400/$1000, Bad Idea to Apply?

I meant unbelievable because in the place where I was raised, it is unseen that the companies have to pay you to get a credit card. However, if you do get one over there, the interest rates are crazy and you have to pif every month or else you can rack up the card easily just with the interest.


In the other hand, here in this economy, one can easily get more than $1000 in bonus with good credit techniques and couple of inquiries here and there. Something I'm still getting used to and which still amazes me. Congrats to you once again for the AMEX and the Barclay, especially for the bonuses you wanted. Free money always comes in handy haha

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Re: Approved AMEX BCE, Want Barclays $400/$1000, Bad Idea to Apply?

always206 wrote:

Approved for a 0% APR (15 months) $7500 AMEX with a  $250 statement credit for $1000, however I'm interested in the $400/$1000 NFL Barclay Promo. I'll use the $650 for a 2012 Roth contribution. Will it be a bad idea to apply for the Barclays a day after getting the AMEX?

I wish i could get 250 signup bonus on my recently approved BCE card.

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