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Approved Delta Skymiles

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Approved Delta Skymiles

Just wanted to share I applied for the amex delta skymiles and got approved yesterday with initial CL of $1000 Smiley Sad my lowest cl ever can i request a cli when i activate the card?

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Re: Approved Delta Skymiles

Nope, it's Amex so 61 days from activation for the 3x CLI.

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Re: Approved Delta Skymiles

what was your fico score they pulled?

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Re: Approved Delta Skymiles

Welcome to the family.


With a 1k CLI, they may have pulled more than one CR.  Sounds like your file was a border-line approval for them.


Good news is, provided you treat them right, it will be raised to $3k in 61 days from activation (YMMV)


Grats again.  How many miles did you get? 30k?

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Re: Approved Delta Skymiles

Congrats! I'm looking at that one myself.
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Re: Approved Delta Skymiles

my walmart score is 775, so far transunion is the only one they have pull, and offer only 5k miles since i live in Puerto Rico offer here is not the same as for US,

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Re: Approved Delta Skymiles

Congrats on the approval.  Hope my approval is on its heels.

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Re: Approved Delta Skymiles

Congratulations! I would also like to have that card in my wallet.

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Re: Approved Delta Skymiles

Congrats on the approval, you should be able to get nice increases in the future.

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Re: Approved Delta Skymiles


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