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Approved for Chase Freedom!

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Approved for Chase Freedom!

I've been hesitant to apply for any credit card for so long, but finally went for it...and approved with $3,000 cl!


This is an accomplishment because I've built my score from 400s to 680. (Equifax) over the past seven or so years. I made poor decisions in college and had to slowly build it back up. I'm pretty much debt free besides a small student loan. Actually, considering a purchasing a home within the next year or so. 


Anyway, thought I'd share. Smiley Happy

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Re: Approved for Chase Freedom!

...also approved for AMEX Green charge card a few months back. 

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Re: Approved for Chase Freedom!

Awesome. The freedom has some great quarterly rewards - it's on my short list (6 months from now).

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Re: Approved for Chase Freedom!

That's great, Congrats!

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Re: Approved for Chase Freedom!

WOW $3k CL with a 680 score!?!?! Not bad at all its pays off to rebuild it might tak eits time but at the end youll have results like he one rigth here. Congrats!!!

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Re: Approved for Chase Freedom!

Congratulations! Nicely done!

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Re: Approved for Chase Freedom!

I was shocked when I called and she said the $3,000 with my score. I'm basically debt free with the exception of a student loan and have no plans to build much of a balance on any credit card, but was encouraging! I've applinothing almost nothing during the seven years, so maybe that paid off to my advantage.



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Re: Approved for Chase Freedom!

Congrats!  Not only on the Freedom, but also on the AMEX, as well as going from the 400s to where you are today!    Wooo HOOOOO!!

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Re: Approved for Chase Freedom!

Congrats on the Chase card

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Re: Approved for Chase Freedom!

Congrats! Freedom is my favorite card. You'll love all the cash back Smiley Happy

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