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Re: Approved!


Chase Sapphire Reserve-10k
Chase Freedom-4k
1st Financial Bank USA-11.4k
USAA Amex-7.5k
USAA Visa Sig-7k
Citi Thank you Preferred-4.8k
Citi Diamond-2k
Amex Gold-NPSL

EX: 737
EQ: 722
TU: 735
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Re: Approved!

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Re: Approved!

Congrats..unless someone already has the card, it's hard to say when they'll report. It could be right away or delayed a month, because the law states that a creditor doesn't HAVE to report a balance, only that it is correct if they do...

Starting Score: TU 686 EX 641 EQ 690
Current Score: TU 779 EX 767 EQ 740
Goal Score: 800 Club

BCE $12.5K, 5/3 Sig $10K, Wally Discover 10K, Cash+ $9K Sam's Discover 10K, Freedom $6K, Zales $5.5K, More $5K, Cap one $5K, Barclay 2.5K, Household Plat $1.5K, Household Gold $1.5K, Credit One $1K, First Premier Plat $.675K First Premier Gold $.65K
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Re: Approved!

Thank You everyone!  I appreciate all the comments...

EQ8: 646 EQ5: 652 V3.0: 665 **8/2015
TU8: 635 TU4: 700 V3.0 :663 **8/2015
EX8: 636 EX3: 670 V3.0: ? **8/2015
CCD Util 35%

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