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Aprroved Amex BCE

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Re: Aprroved Amex BSE

Bobert22 wrote:

Just wondering, why did they cancel a few of your other applications?

If you get denied, Amex will auto canceling your app within 30 days.

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12/19/2013, $100k+ Available Credit. Total Util: 0-1%
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Re: Aprroved Amex BSE

Congrats borderline approval or not, it's still an approval!

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Re: Aprroved Amex BCE

Congrats! Should be a sweet 3k in 61 days! Smiley Happy

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Re: Aprroved Amex BCE

wreith wrote:

I was bored the other day and figured what the heck it's just a soft if I'm declined.  I check the site just now and poof.  I called to find out about a BT and my CL.  Was told no information about BT, but my CL is 1K, kinda disappointing, but ok. 


WHAT THE HECK IS PREFERRED REWARDS GREEN?! To my knowledge, they just have one Green Card.

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Re: Aprroved Amex BCE

congrat Smiley Happy i just recently got approved the card too.. wondering how long does it take to get the card? cause my cousin said took her a long time to get the card in mail LOL

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