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Barclays Approved!!

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Re: Barclays Approved!!

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Re: Barclays Approved!!

Thanks for the congrats.  This was actually my first  ever Recon. I was very suprised at how easy it was, and that it was the CSR, not me, that used the word recon.


I may try for my first Amex soon, but because I hear Barclays is so touchy about new accounts, I may wait until sometime around the holidays.


I have to admit, it felt good to come out the garden for a

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01/21/2012 EQ - 661 (37% Util) SW Alert
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Re: Barclays Approved!!

Congrats again!! I have been eyeing the Barclays Apple visa (want to purchase an IPad). The only problem is that Barclays is still one of the lenders that pulls the TU98 Fico version and for some reason my score there is an awful 648...dont think i will get approved.

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