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Best Buy CLI

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Re: Best Buy CLI

heck yeah!! thats something my dad has had his store card since 2008 and has been stuck at $1,200. Always pressing the luv button but its ALWATS a NO GO Smiley Sad Maybe a Hard Pull will do.

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Re: Best Buy CLI

I used to always get declined as well. I put some money through the card and applied with a balance. Then they gave me the approval.

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Re: Best Buy CLI

I got the BBRZMC when HSBC was the lender.  Started with a toy limit and saw comments here about lack of CLI.  I saw a post saying that the increase limit button was working again, and got three with no pull.  It seems that you need to wait six months between requests, the first two were $300 each, the one last month was $500.  It's also interesting that last month's was the first since CapOne took over.


I use it fairly regularly and pay it off, although I did a TV on 0% financing in April, paid it off in October.

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Re: Best Buy CLI

I hit the luv button last week and went from $18,000 to $19,500.   Almost to 20k.     I don't need this large of a limit at BB, however, I am going to use some of it when I build a new house and purchase appliances from there.  I plan to get a little nicer stove, oven, microwave, etc than the builder's budget will allow. 

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