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BoA PC and CLI

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Re: BoA PC and CLI

In continuation to my success story:

1) Called the GE backdoor number yesterday (2/4) and inquired about a CLI. Had my account since 2007 for Chevron account. He asked for basic info like income, current job, etc. Was put on hold for five minutes and got my increase from $1,700 to $3,500!

2) E-mailed Cap1 EO last Thursday, got a call the next day and they took down basic info (income, current status of employment,etc.) I told them about my excellent payment history and wanted a travel rewards added to my account. I was informed that she will pass it on to underwriting to review my account and I should have an answer by next week. Immediately after hanging up, I checked my account online and saw that they've already put a rewards program on it, although it wasn't accessible yet. So today, I got a call from the same person and she told me about my credit limit increase! Went from $1,250 to $3,000!

I think that if my util was lower, I could've gotten more, but I really was anxious and from all the stories I've read here, I couldn't wait any longer! I want to thank everyone here who has contributed and helped me access valuable info that helped me accomplish these (I thought impossible) feat! Couldn't or wouldn't have done it without you guys! Thank you again!
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