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CApital One Increase

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CApital One Increase

You're a great customer, and we appreciate you. That's why we're happy to give
you a credit line increase - you deserve it!
Your new credit line is $1,X00.00.
That's an increase of $1,000.00.
Use your increase to help pay for daily expenses, or for that family trip you've
been thinking about. You can also transfer balances from higher rate credit cards.
Whatever your needs, it's nice to know you have more financial flexibility.
The increase is automatic, so you don't have to do anything at all. Just enjoy it!
Director of Accounts
P.S. If you're not interested in taking advantage of the increase please call the
Customer Service number on the back of your card to request that your line be
returned to its original amount.


Omg Capital one increase one of my sister account.

Back in June i help her to obtain another Capital One credit cards. She doesnt had a good credit. She used her account very heavy. Open in June 2012 through credit step program.

They offer #300 and promise to raise to 500 after 5 statement. But she just log on the account today and its increase to 1300. Didnt call or ask anything about it. Automatic increase. Make more than 2 3 payment each months. Charge up to limit but paid the next day. Hope the information help for others.


Wow capital one change or something. I have my product with them too but never get any increase after 14 months whatsoever. God....they suck.........but for some reason they good with my sister......;-( Hm Capital One.

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Re: CApital One Increase


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Re: CApital One Increase

Nice, Congrats on the increase!

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Re: CApital One Increase


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CApital One Increase


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