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Cap One PC to Venture success!!

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Re: Cap One PC to Venture success!!

Can you share how long you've had the card? Is this your only capital one card? Inquiring minds want to know when they should attempt the same tricks.
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Re: Cap One PC to Venture success!!

I'd had this card since December 2011. I have another Capital One card, which was my oldest card, for 5 years. I'd just had the $300 limit on that card raised to $2k at the same time with the EO.

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Re: Cap One PC to Venture success!!

breedo wrote:

I was very surprised they did it, especially after the lady who got me my CLI at the EO said it was impossible. Also, it goes to show that when you use 'Chat Now' they don't tell you all your offers upfront, I had to keep pushing to eventually get him to say I was eligible to upgrade to Venture 2. I logged in this morning and my cash rewards balance has already converted into miles!

Congratulations on your successful upgrade!


My experience was similar to yours. I upgrade via the Chat Now feature and made it clear that I was interested in the Venture Card. A couple of minutes later the CSR informed me that I was eligible to upgrade to the VentureOne. I had to repeat that I was interested in Venture -- I really want the double miles, not 1.25 miles -- and she came back a couple of minutes later and informed me that I was, indeed, eligible for the upgrade. So yes, you do have to question thoroughly to make certain that you are eligible for what you really want.

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