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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's in the Executive Office thread, page 7, 8, or 9.
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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scmami wrote:
Could someone PM me the Executive office email address and/or phone number?

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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

was the credit pull hard or soft?


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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a soft pull

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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the info!
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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome....I may give them a try since it was a SP.  I have a 750 Cl with them and would love to have a little increase!

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Re: Capital One CLI!!!

YES!!!! CLI FROM 2500 TO 5000!!!



the irony is that i didn't even have to talk to an executive. i guessing the email worked! i never heard anything back. so this is GREAT!


now they need to lower my apr. its still ricdiculous. 24.9 ugh!

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Re: Capital One CLI!!!

That's sweeeeeeet!!! I called them myself the other day to change my Cap One Platinum to a cash rewards green and they told me they couldn't but advised me to just apply for the cash rewards green anyway. After telling him I think I wouldn't get it, he insisted. So I went online and applied and BOOOOOOM APPROVED!!! Instant online approval, it was a great feeling! ....... Although I'm still mad jealous of that $2500 to $5000 man GEEEEEEZZ!! So sweet! Lol

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Re: Capital One CLI!!!

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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job!

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