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Re: Chase and Barclay Approved!

WTG, congrats on your two great cards! 

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Re: Chase and Barclay Approved!

BrokaToe wrote:

Decided to app for a couple of cards this evening since it had been 13 months since I apped for anything.


Was approved for Slate for............... $500  :smileysad:

Approved for Barclay Rewards MC for.........$3,000       with 0% for 12 months and 14.99% after that. I think this is going to be a great rewards card and I needed a MC too since I closed my Cap1 Secured last week.


Anyway, the Slate is kind of a sad story with failed recon and 2 HP's etc. I thought maybe my 13 months of perfect PIF with the Freedom would help me on this one, but evidently my internal score hasn't increased much over the last year. :smileytongue:


Anyway, yipee!!!


BTW: My EX score (Slate)  is somewhere around 680ish and my TU (Barclay) is approx 700


EX showing 1 medical collection

TU is clean no baddies


AAoA approx 6 years oldest accounts 11 years. Utilization is around 12%

Congrats on your approval's :smileyhappy:

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Re: Chase and Barclay Approved!

Congrats on the new approvals!!:smileyhappy:

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Re: Chase and Barclay Approved!

Congrats on your approvals.


The Barclay Rewards MC will grow with you treat it well. 

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Re: Chase and Barclay Approved!

congrats on the barclays rewards! thats a great starting limit!
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Re: Chase and Barclay Approved!

Congrats x2

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Re: Chase and Barclay Approved!

Thanks everyone!!  I can't wait to see how my new Barclay's card grows over time :smileyhappy:

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Re: Chase and Barclay Approved!

Congrats!!! I truly wonder how they assign the lowest or highest APR!! I have a 720 FICO, got a $5k world arrival mc(later upped to 12.7k) but STILL got the HIGHEST apr of 18.99% ugh
Congrats again though!!! Barclay's is good with that first auto cli after 6-7 months.
Also, Id keep calling Chase recon to get that Slate limit upped. If I got a 500 cl, I'd close it immediately. LOL
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Re: Chase and Barclay Approved!

What kind of chase internal scores are people getting to start getting minimal approvals from chase? thanks everyone

Gardening spree went on hiatus but I think it paid off. Now back at it!
Building slowly but surely. Thank you to all members of this community for all the invaluable advice.
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Re: Chase and Barclay Approved!

just so you are aware, barclays card will put a hold on your payment for 7-10 before they make the funds available to you as credit so if you are hoping for a quick turnaround of the creidt to be on your card, dont hold your breath. i made a 700 payment on 6-13. they are telling me those funds wont be available until 6-24.  when i called to argue about it, they went off on some lame excuse how with the credit card act that was signed, consumers have 7 days to request the money refunded back to your checking acount. i think its bull because when i make a payment on my us bank card,merrick bank., capitol one cards, etc, the funds are available the next day




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