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Citi Double Cash & Cap One Platinum

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Citi Double Cash & Cap One Platinum

First off...I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE this forum! I have learned so much over the past 11 months! When I started to rebuild my credit in January of this year, I barely was approved for a Capital One Quicksilver for $1000 (now $1600). By the end of June I had been approved for a Discover IT ($6000 - now $7000), Amex ($500), and my - at the time - dream card, Southwest ($4000). I even got a VS card for a discount one day ($350). I've been heavily using the Southwest to earn points, carry a small balance on the Discover (no interest the first year), and I play around with the others and PIF each month. My current scores are mid-600s (started at low-mid 500s).


Today, I decided to start my husband's rebuilding journey. He pre-qualified for a Cap One Platinum and was approved for $3000. On a whim, I decided to apply for the same card - instant approval for $3000. Since I know I'm taking a hit on my credit report, I thought I'd also try the Citi Double Cash - which I really thought was out of my league - and then BAM! Instant approval for $8100. Smiley Happy I'm over the moon excited! Our plan is to buy our dream house in 3 years, so I have been focused on really improving my credit score, and now working on the hubby's. My credit card collection is now complete with the Citi DC card. No more apps for me. I'm going to garden until we buy our house. But, I will be helping my husband over the next year to get his credit card collection complete and increase his score. For data on him...he has two collections and is only an authorized user on mine. The last time we checked his score, it was low 500s.


For anyone lurking on these forums, PAY ATTENTION to what these people say. I definitely owe my new credit-savviness & score to this forum! Happy credit rebuilding! (If you're still reading this post, thanks! Sorry it was so long...just excited!)

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Re: Citi Double Cash & Cap One Platinum

Congrats on your and your DH's approvals! And good luck with the house when you two decide to finally take the plunge.

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Re: Citi Double Cash & Cap One Platinum

Very nice DC approval... That is a pretty high SL for that card!

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Re: Citi Double Cash & Cap One Platinum

Congrats on your approvals!  Good luck with hubbie's rebuild!  


Through the help of this forum, I was able to rebuild my credit in two years.  I was able to help DH complete his in one year.  I also LOVE this forum.  Full of great people!

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Re: Citi Double Cash & Cap One Platinum

Amazing job ! The Dc is incredible . Thats like getting a 20k Navy card out of the gate, well done!. Best of luck on your continued journeySmiley Happy
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Re: Citi Double Cash & Cap One Platinum

What AJC said...that Double Cash SL is impressive indeed.

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