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DCU Visa approval

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Re: DCU Visa approval

joltdude wrote:

I would say DCU can be conservative and this is a great SL and a great limit in general for them.. 


Only thing id do different is let the Merrick double in the sock drawer.... then cancel it...

Have you tried for a CLI on the Cap One?  ... Just like the idea of both the merrick and Capone leaving with a CLI reporting on the report...(soft pulls only, of course)...  Ditch them after the increases if there are any... (as long as theres no fee/af due)


Think a congrats is in order....

DCU is big around where I live... Then again. they originally were the DEC Credit Union.... Yes their history is with the computer company.... (Digital Equipment Corp) which is no longer...  


Yes I have tried for a CLI with Cap One. Last month was my 6th since my last CLI.. denied due to payments too low (always PIF, gets $200-300 per month), and some other bogus reason.  But my new Spark card had a $10k sl.  Go figure 

Chasex3/PenFedx3/NFCUx2/BofA/BMO/AMEX x5(4 revolvers +Platinum)/CapOnex2/DCU/Blispay/Cabelas/BBVA/Fifth Third/Banco de Brazil/BB&T/HSBC/Atira/Commerce Bank/State Farm Visa........I have them all. Except Barclays. They suck. And Sync. They suck worse! And Citi,, because I Have 9,000 Inq.
In the 520-530 range in 12/2015.... Currently EQ747/TU758/EX744
NFCU & PenFed are my best friends!!

In 3/2016 I had a $1800 fully secured CapOne QS. And that was it.. Current CL $247,000 (plus my auto and RV loans)
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Re: DCU Visa approval

Tigers09 wrote:

Congrats on your approval!!
They do use Fico4 scores, so may be a little different. That is a good SL from DCU



DCU uses EQUIFAX FICO 5 Mortgage scores

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