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Re: DiscoverIT Card..... Let me express my love!!!

Laurenlou wrote:

I just wanted to share with you all, that after years of repairing my credit and working hard to make good financial decisions, I was able to open my first 'non-bottom-feeder' credit card! (but I am thankful that I was able to open those bottom-feeder cards, as they are what helped my build my way back up!)


After seeing some great press on here about the Discover It card, I apped and was esctatic to be told I had a $4k credit limit! (my highest CL at this point was $2,250 with my credit union). However, when the card came in the mail, it turns out my CL was actually $7500! Woo hoo! I've been putting all of my living expsenses on the card and paying it off every month after the balance reports (so I can get the cash back). I've gotten about $400 cash back so far since October!


Now to the really exciting part- I requested a CL increase last night online (had the card 6 months) and logged in this morning to find that my new CL is $11,500! Woo hoo!


Such an easy company to work with, their customer service is open all day and is American based (just makes communicating so much easier, esp when you have a problem or issue on your account, feels to good to know that the person on the other end of the phone understands your problem). I can't say enough great things about this company, and maybe its because I've been banished to the bottom feeders for so long due to my own young stupidity- but whatever it is, I love this card and am happy to share my opinion with any of you that might be ready to jump into the land of 'real' credit cards!

Congrats on your success :smileyhappy: 

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Re: DiscoverIT Card..... Let me express my love!!! you know if it was a hard pull or a soft pull for the CLI?

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Re: DiscoverIT Card..... Let me express my love!!!


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Re: DiscoverIT Card..... Let me express my love!!!

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somotao wrote: you know if it was a hard pull or a soft pull for the CLI?

I can't answer for OP, but I will answer based off my experience with Discover. Discover will soft pull for a CLI request. However, if they deem that more information is needed, you will be forced to talk with a Credit Analyst whom will hard pull in order to get a better look into your credit report.

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Re: DiscoverIT Card..... Let me express my love!!!

I'm not sure if it was a hard or soft pull- I did the request online and asked for $10k. I had to enter my employment/income info, and also had to agree for them to check my credit. I received the "we will notify you in 7-10 days" message. I thought that it would be a no-go, but logged in a day or two later and saw the $11.5k CL which is soooooo far from where I was just a few years ago! Felt so good to have a "real" creditor deem me credit-worthy after years of rebuilding. :smileyhappy:

Also- I have score watch and have not received an alert for an inquiry, so I'm thinking it was a soft pull even though I agreed to a credit pull. But it could be they aren't pulling EQ.

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