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In Like Flynn With PenFed

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In Like Flynn With PenFed

So, when the news broke of Penfed's recent app spree of their own (buying 4 CUs recently), and that they would have a branch in my area, I decided to expand my exposure to them.


About 8 months ago, I opened a savings account with them (denied both a PLOC and CC, right after a major app spree).  I decided to bite the bullet and move my chequing over to them.  I opened a chequing account and got a $500 overdraft LOC.


As I knew that would entail a HP (on EQ, I believe), I decided to see if I could get a CC this time.  I went ahead and applied for their Platinum Rewards VS card.  It went to underwriting, and they approved it.  I got the min starting CL ($5k), and highest APR (18%), but that's still better than a lot of cards in my wallet, so I will take it and see about improving that.


My FICOs as of last month were in the 675 range, with movement up 3-5 pts (on the FAKO scores), a lot of HPs hiting the 6-month and 1-year mark, and new reports pulling anyday,  I'm sure I will see a more accurate score when I get the paperwork from Penfed.


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Re: In Like Flynn With PenFed

Congrats on getting in with Penfed! 

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Re: In Like Flynn With PenFed

Well done, OzMan! PenFed is one of my daily drivers and I love it! Welcome to the PenFed family!

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Re: In Like Flynn With PenFed

Awesome Oz! I said same thing about my approval of the Promise, still a lonely $500 , but the Apr is still my lowest so complain too much.Smiley Happy

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Re: In Like Flynn With PenFed

Great job OzMan!  screamer.gif


PenFed has some great products... if they were to buy a CU local to me, I would definitely see about joining them as well.  Even with them not being local, once things settle down a bit I might be joining them anyway! 


Again, congrats!  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: In Like Flynn With PenFed

Congrats you're knocking them out the park!!
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