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Just approved for Citi Double Cash

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Just approved for Citi Double Cash

Today (12/05/17) I received a pre-approval in the mail (snail mail) for a Citi double cash card.  Be it right or wrong, I went online, applied and bam!   Instant approval for a $1,000 CL.  I'm excited as this is my first card from Citi, so if anyone knows anything about them, how they are with CLI's, etc. please chime in! 


Last month I recevied a CLI on my Capital One Platinum which started at $300 a year ago August then after 3 months went to $400, 6 months $750 and last month $850.  My first card was a secured card from First National Bank of Omaha with a $300 CL.  They sent my deposit back over a year ago with a letter that they no longer needed my deposit but they haven't budged on that $300 CL.  I don't really need it anymore as a $300 CL is good for building credit to get to better cards, but I guess I have to keep it as it was my first credit card.  


For my Store cards, my favorite is my Menards Big Card, it started at $2,700 then last month I received a CLI to $3,700.  I figure that's good for a store card and it's really helped with utilization as the most I've charged on it has been $400.   Last month I was approved for a WalMart store card with a $200 CL and an Amazon Prime store card with a $200 CL.  Last year I got an Overstock store card $250 CL  (shopping cart trick) and only placed one order on it, haven't used it since. 


I'm thinking Citi will now be my go-to card for the next year or so and Cap 1 will be my backup.  Menards Big card when I shop Menards and Walmart and Amazon when I order online from each place.  Now waiting the 7 to 10 days to receive my new card.      

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Re: Just approved for Citi Double Cash

Congratz on your new card! Smiley Happy

I don't have a Citi card but from what I've gathered here is that they are conservative with SL. But they are generous with CLI with responsible usage.

I hear their Price Rewind feature is awesome

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Re: Just approved for Citi Double Cash

Congrats on the improvement in your credit lineup! I like Citi, since they started me off with a nice limit on my AAdvantage card. Keep doing what you're doing and being responsible. It's paying off! Enjoy your new card.

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Re: Just approved for Citi Double Cash

Please Citi Responsible!
**this message is braught to you by the AverageJoeCredit Union of AmericaSmiley Wink

Use your new Dc like its your only csrd and wventually it'll growSmiley Happy
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Re: Just approved for Citi Double Cash

This is what I've learned from others experience and my own:

You may be able to get the SL increased but it will require another HP.

Hit them up on chat to reduce the APR. I was able to do this 4 times before I was told no. It was reduced about 2% each time I asked.


If you ever see a CLI screen and it doesn't ask you for the amount you want, it's a SP. Otherwise, if there are three fields, it will be a HP.


I grew my $7,900 SL (took a recon to get over the intial denial for too many inquiries) into $20,000 6 months later. All my SP CLIs attempt before that failed for too many inquiries. That huge increase in Oct was a HP and I specifically requested that amount to match 5 of my other credit card accounts I have elsewhere. I had just taken a HP for a Costco card and was hoping they would be combined. I had yet to use that card but they still granted me that amount. It was not instant, I got an email the day after that it was approved.


If you're good with the SL, let it ride.

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Re: Just approved for Citi Double Cash

Congrats on the approval, and welcome to the Double Cash a club!

I PCd my diamond preferred into a double cash card and haven’t regretted it a single time.

Card started out a few years back at $2k, then auto CLId to 3k about 6 months ago. I had an opportunity for a SP CLI last month and it bumped up to $4k. Citi will treat you well if you treat them well.

I PIF every month and we get between $50-$60 cash back just on this one card, it’s a great earner for us.

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Re: Just approved for Citi Double Cash

Citi did you well.

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Re: Just approved for Citi Double Cash

Thanks guys.  I've been discussing this with some friends and while we would all like a lager SL, they did give me $1,000 to get my foot in the door and that's by far better than a denial.  I also have a couple recent inquiries from Wal-Mart and Amazon Prime, so maybe wait 6 months or so to show them I'll use the card and repay it, then take the HP if they don't give me the SP option.  


Honestly, I throw these pre-approval things in the trash because the terms normally suck but this one was from Citi and I actually had my sights set on 2 cards, Citi Double Cash and Chase Freedom.  I'd rather get cash back than points or air miles.  It's funny because I was also pre-approved for a card I never heard of before that was riddled with ridiculous fees.  It's one that you don't really charge anything on, just pay the monthly maintenance fee and build credit.  I was almost certain Citi had made a mistake, but I was appoved.  

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