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New Card Open

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Re: New Card Open

Welcome and best of luck to you

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Re: New Card Open

kctorf wrote:

Hi Everyone,


I've been silently reading and looking up on age old posts to gain more insight on all the awesome knowledge people have brought to this board. After reading up on some of the key marquee credit cards and being at that stage where I want to open a new credit card one I was hoping to get some advice from you is where I stand.


Exp: 741
Equifax: 723
TU: 717

Currently have;

Amazon Chase: $2,000 (Balance: $0)
Amazon Store: $2,700 (Balance: $0)
Wells Fargo Secure (Just Graduated 3 Weeks Ago, still waiting on refund of 2,000 deposit, just received the graduation letter): $2,000 (Balance: $0)
Capital One Secure: $500 (Balance: $35)
Macys Store: $300 (Balance: $0)

I was hoping to open a new credit card with a higher limit as my other ones are currently low, the cards you see are the cards I have had for about 2-4 years now and no others (none closed.) So I figure a new credit card is in the key thing is; I'd like to have a higher limit one (who wouldn't.) From what I've seen BoA is pretty generous, ideally I would like to go for a Travel Rewards card but I wasn't sure if they supplied higher limits on that one or not. Sorry for the long message, if you're still reading this...thanks!


What would you all recommend for a credit card?

hey kctorf!

Welcome to the forums!

Couple of questions..

1.  Where did you get your scores?  Are they FICO?  The reason I ask is because you have a EX showing.  Smiley Happy

2.  How many inqs do you have currently on each CRA?

3.  Do you mind an AF?

4.  Current income?



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Current Score: EQ 773, EX 780, TU 777 (All FICO)
Goal Score: 800+

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Re: New Card Open

I think you need to get an Amex BCE or BCP.
Or even a BSP. Comes with a free $100 credit for flight purchases each year.
Chase's CSP could even be a option too.
Go check the cardmatch on :-) they have decent "exclusive" offers :-)
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