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Oh yeah! Cli to $20,000 on Paypal MC!!

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Re: Oh yeah! Cli to $20,000 on Paypal MC!!

kobe2012 wrote:

Default4 wrote:

kobe2012 wrote:
How is your paypal acct reporting??? how would lenders know that its a mastercard and not a store card??? Just curious cause i know chase doesnt count store cards on their approvals (correct me if im wrong) .... I finally have two 5k limits but only store cards and was wondering if this would help me on getting higher limits visa/MC


For me it reports as GECRB/PPXTRM.

Oh ok...i wonder if lenders know it's a MC

I would assume that they do since it's the Paypal Extras Mastercard. (PPXTRM) Where as if it were not the MC it would just be Smart Connect or whatever they call it.

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