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Paypal 1K Approved

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Paypal 1K Approved

oh my gosh I logged out of paypal and was given a notice .. they selected me of course finally.


aaoa 11 months score is 732 

capitalone qs graduated from 300 to 500

amex cash blue 6,000 

discover 2,000

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Re: Paypal 1K Approved

CongratsSmiley Happy Welcome to the forumSmiley Happy

Was this for the 2% Cashback mc ? ThanksSmiley Happy
To obtain Credit One Kenobi status upon 0/24 is to Garden Harden!!
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Re: Paypal 1K Approved

No paypal credit o gosh the title eh.

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Re: Paypal 1K Approved

BBoop, Congrats! Smiley Very Happy

Total CL $97,603 w/PayPal Credit In the garden forever. Smiley Happy FICO8 Score 739, FICO BankCard2 Score 720 Goal 800+
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Re: Paypal 1K Approved

Congratulations on your new card! 

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Re: Paypal 1K Approved

Congrats! PayPal Credit is definitely one of my goals in my rebuild. Smiley Happy

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