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PenFed Approval


PenFed Approval

I tried to apply for a PenFed auto loan today, but when I clicked submit, it said my process could not be requested and to call their customer service.



Has anyone else experienced this? Should I call CS? 

may the force be with you.
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Re: PenFed Approval

Pen Fed is goofishly unorganized but great once your settled in.  At least that's my first few months.  Seems for the initial account, CC, and Auto Refi we did, that I was getting constant mails and email to submit another form or sign off, or get the prior lien holder to release.  But, you know, it wasn't that bad. 

Specifically, for the car, I went through the website app when they were offering 1.74%.  I had just been approved for the Platinum Rewards Credt Card.  My car value exceeded the loan amount by 25% - I think they approved it right away but IIR, I also remeber thinking "why is there a delay you just gave me an unsecured debt of $20k, this car is over-water."


But yes, sure, give them a call.

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Re: PenFed Approval

Yeah give them a call

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Re: PenFed Approval

Sounds like the same message I got when I tried to join or apply for a credit card (Pasted below). When I called they had no record of my apps. I guess the website is buggy sometimes. They had no problem approving me for their membership over the phone (I wimped out on the credit card.. I'll apply for it next month).


"Thank you


Your request cannot be completed at this time. Please contact us at (800) 247-5626 for assistance."

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