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Target Red - Recent approvals


Re: Target Red - Recent approvals

I 'think' I hold the Target record....I have had a Target store card since 1986 with a limit of $200. It stayed at $200 until it went up to $500 in 2009. I called once for an increasse and was told they are not giving CLI's. The only reason I still have it open, but in the sock drawer, is that it is my longest history card.


FYI My ficos are 798(TU), 801(EQ) and 813(EX pulled for Citi signature)


So it matters not what your score or credit history is.

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Re: Target Red - Recent approvals

@LittleCat Wow! I will stop complaining about my $500 limit since 2009.

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Current Score: EX: 699 (PSECU 06/04/14) 702 (my FICO 08/05/14) TU: 699 (08/01/14) EQ: 675 (07/08/14)
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Re: Target Red - Recent approvals

I was approved for the Target store credit card in mid June 2012, with a $200 cl. I was surprised because I'm rebuilding, and my scores are in between 505-530, fluctuating monthly. About a week ago I went on to Target's site to check to see if my payment went through, and I noticed that they bumped me up to $500. I PIF every month, and I was utilizing over 50% when I had the CL of $200. I don't know if that was a help in this sudden increase.

In September I was bumped up to $500 on my Cap One No Hassle Rewards Card (green one) bc I am in the Credit Steps Program. I also threatened to close both of my First Premier cards and they raised my CL by $200 on both cards so I would keep them open, so I have $450 CL on 1 and $700 on the other. So maybe Target saw these increases, and that could have been a factor in this as well. Just wanted to input my experience with Target, and thank you all for posting, I read through these threads pretty much every week. Smiley Happy

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Re: Target Red - Recent approvals

i was approved online for a $200 cl, credit score was 665.......$200 seems to be the magic number now days with target.

ex 669 tu 689 eq 658
these scores are a few months old
goal 700 club
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Re: Target Red - Recent approvals

The only downfall the Target Debit Card has, is that it takes 4-6 days to come out of your account. Which really isn't a downfall if you manage your money, Lol.

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Re: Target Red - Recent approvals

My credit score is around 740 and I have 4% UTIL.


Got approved for $300.  Kinda pathetic, but I get my socks and cheap tshirts there so getting the free shipping and 5% cash back was worth it.

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Re: Target Red - Recent approvals


sure, the 5% discount is great, but they will NOT BUDGE ON CLIs....

I got a $300 limit in 2010; my FICO was like 650'ish. Then after a year, I did not get a cli.. so I called every month for a few months. They were eager to give me coupons or discounts, but never a cli...


I'm sorry, but that low of a limit is a dent in my score... Target National Bank can kiss it ;-)

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Re: Target Red - Recent approvals

Too late lol.  I app'd back in Sept at the reg and was approved for $200 lol.  It actually increased my EQ Fico 5 pts because of util.  I'd already taken a hit on the inq/AAofA/new acct for the walmart I app'd and was approved for last month also.    At this point, I'm rebuilding.  Trying to take all the credit they want to give me. Smiley Happy

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Re: Target Red - Recent approvals

Target is so weird with their CLIs.  I didn't think mine was ever going to grow, either.  For a while there, they were having batches of CLIs, & the forums were full of people surprised to finally be getting a raise.  I was never one of those people, & I was so jealous!  I kept going back & forth about closing my card, but I couldn't justify it, since I love to shop at Target.  I really thought I would be stuck at $200 forever.


Eventually, I think after 2 years or so of having the card, I finally got a big jump (relatively) from $200 to $1,000.  I was amazed!  After that, I *think* (don't really recall) it went to $1,400 or $1,600, & then to its current $2,050.  There might have been another step in there somewhere.  That last CLI was September 2011.  I don't really care that much, because I will shop at Target anyway.  I've learned to be patient with them, & they'll eventually get around to raising my limit.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Target Red - Recent approvals

I do stop into target frequently and always thought about the card. 5% savings is better than nothing. But I never pulled the trigger, didn't want the HP and when I did some research I found out about the low CL they give. Last month I went for the debit card and have been very happy. Funds are taken out on the 2nd business day after the transaction takes place.

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