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USAA Approval x 2!!!!

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USAA Approval x 2!!!!

I joined USAA as a full member a little less than a month ago but never had any "pre approved" credit card offers under the offers tab. So today I pulled my EQ report to see if USAA had been softing me. To my surprise no SP from them so I decided to take a chance & applied for their Rate Advantage MC- instant approval  for $15,000 at 10.9% apr. Highest CL to date. I'm still in utter disbelief. My EQ score is a 745 and no baddies on my report but I have high balances & 3 new CC accounts within the last 6 months. About an hour later I pulled the trigger on the USAA Rewards World MC- approved for $12,000 at 12.9%. Super excited. It looks like I took a 2nd hard inquiry for that one b/c my score was a bit lower on the 2nd app- 738 (7 point drop from 1 inquiry?) Not sure why I thought it would only be 1 HP. 

So thankful or all the My Fico contributors who introduced me to USAA. 


Question is do I apply for the CSP now before the 2 new accounts report or wait for them to report b/c Visa Signature cards like to see high CLs & Chase tends to be stingy with initial CLs? My current report shows only 2 cards with CLs over $5k- 1) $13,200 opened 7 months ago, 2) $7,000 opened 2.5 months ago 3)  chase freedom $3,100 (4 months ago) 4) AMEX BCP $2,000 (10.2 yrs b/c of backdating) 5) AMEx Zync NPSL 10.2 yrs b/c of backdating. No mortgages or loans, 3 inquiries on EX & EQ, 2 on TU. CSP is the last card on my wishlist. Going to request 3x CL on the BCP tomorrow right after my payment posts but even if I get it my CR won't reflect the increased CL for awhile.

Citi Thank You $13,200 - Chase Freedom $3,100 - AMEX Zync NPSL (init. ability $17.5K) - Citi Forward $7,000 - AMEX BCP $6,000 - USAA Rate Adv $15,000 - USAA World MC $12,000 - Discover More $4,000 - Amex Hilton Honors $4,500 - Amex SPG $2,000 - Barclay's Priceline Rewards $6,400 - Chase Sapphire Pref. $7,500

EQ: 794. TU: 704. EX: 755
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Re: USAA Approval x 2!!!!

wow congrats wish I could be a full member..

Total Overall Credit Limit- $325k
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Re: USAA Approval x 2!!!!


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Re: USAA Approval x 2!!!!

I just applied for the WWP World Mastercard. Instant approval - $11.5K limit, 14.99% APR.  


I have a USAA World MC with $12K and 4% APR (deployed!) 


I only got this card because I've been closing off accounts left and right - and wanted a backup and it's for a good cause.  It's actually my 2nd WWP MC, I closed one last year. 


I'm going to close Chase Freedom after getting this one.  I use my 1.5% Penfed AMEX, 5% Penfed Gas card, and then this WWP card will be my AMEX & Penfed backup. 



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Re: USAA Approval x 2!!!!

Nice CL, Congrats!

Starting Score: EQ 717 EX 724 TU 736
Current Score: EQ 832 EX 783 TU 816
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Re: USAA Approval x 2!!!!

Very nice, Gratz Smiley Happy

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Re: USAA Approval x 2!!!!

if you wanna apply for something else you generally want to do it the same day to avoid them seeing additional credit inquries. Chase asked me about mine lol, but since I'm in a good standing with them by beiing my main bank they still let me get approved for 2 cards on the same day =)


my advice is apply for 3-4 things max on a single day and enjoy. If you aply more than that people might start canceling out your cards. It happens with app-o-ramas with people with bad credit...... the idiots will apply for like 20 cards in a single day get approved but like 15 store cards and stupid thing is those are usually only with 2 companies..... so yea very dumb, companies will be like **bleep**?

total credit limits $108,400 Credit scores Ex 728 EQ 738 TU 758
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Re: USAA Approval x 2!!!!


Starting Score: EQ 609, EX 633(Fako), TU 700
Current Score: EQ 699, EX 758, TU 733
Goal Score: 720 across the board
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Re: USAA Approval x 2!!!!

Congratz! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: USAA Approval x 2!!!!

Congrats! Love USAA! I recently applied and was denied by Chase, they are like the 1 bank that won't give me a CC and the reason was too many inquiries, so IMO they are definitely inq sensitve and you should apply before new inqs show up.I however had 5 inqs within 6 months and my score wasn't as high as yours so you may have better luck

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