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Weekend App Spree

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Weekend App Spree

Hello all, below is a summary of my app spree for this past weekend:


Sync Accounts:

Lowes CLI from $300 - $6,300

Amazon Prime Store Card CLI from $700 - $3,300

Walmart SC CLI from $1,200 - $3,700



Power Cash Reward Visa-Approved $500SL (After Recon) Low limit, but should be able to increase really soon.

Bill Consolidation Loan-Approved $15,000@ %12.99

Promise-Declined (tried to recon unsuccessful)

NEXTGEN Score 688



BCE-Approved $1,000SL

SPG-Approved $1,000SL

Amex app process is really weird, had to call them twice to verify my identity. Good thing they used the same HP for both approvals.


I dont know my FICO scores but my CK FAKO is 638 for TU and Equifax.


If someone asks for me, I'll be at the garden.


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Re: Weekend App Spree

Congrats! That was quite a haul; especially congrats on the PenFed card!


This may get moved to the Approvals section. 

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Re: Weekend App Spree

Nice spreeSmiley Wink. Looks like some great cards with lots of potentialSmiley Happy

To obtain Credit One Kenobi status upon 0/24 is to Garden Harden!!
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Re: Weekend App Spree

Nice limit increases op!
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Re: Weekend App Spree

Congratulations.  That was a busy weekend!

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Re: Weekend App Spree

Nice weekend spree congrats!
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Re: Weekend App Spree

congrats on your approvals!! Nice weekend
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Re: Weekend App Spree

Job well done. Enjoy them!
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