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Wooo, approved for Amex BCE

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Re: Wooo, approved for Amex BCE

Congrats!! I just got mine in January and I love it so far!!! Cat Very Happy

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Re: Wooo, approved for Amex BCE

Nice going, Congrats on the approval!

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Re: Wooo, approved for Amex BCE

Thanks for the 'grats guys <3


I have a question. I'd also like the Chase Freedom. Should I apply now before the Amex shows on my credit report? I'd like to have it within a few months. I'm also planning on paying my car loan off in full next week so I was thinking that applying for the Freedom in a few months while not having a loan would be a good idea.


What do you guys think?


Oh, I'll find out my CL tomorrow! This board seems so helpful and has great members.


Also, I'd like to pull my credit scores from this site. I already purchased a car a few months ago and they shopped for a good interest rate for me so I'm assuming I have a TON of soft pulls. Plus, my approval for BCE I'm thinking is a soft pull? I don't want to check my score and add yet another inquiry on my report. Would it hurt?

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