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0 to the Garden...

This board has been a blessing.  Thanks to you all and the information you have provided, I am back from credit oblivion.  I know I still need to post my scores, but while I have a few minutes, I could not resist sharing my week with you.  From my last post, I told you folks, that I obtained a Walmart Discover with a $800 CL.  I was also waiting for approval of my Navy Fed CU account.  Last night, I was reading about the Paypal Extras, and decided to give it a shot while I was waiting.  After a phone call verification, they approved me for a 3000 CL.  I was speechless.  I never expected it to be that high. This morning, I got my NFCU account approval and waiting for me was the preseclected Cash Rewards app.  I applied...They approved me for a 14000 CL!  I don't even know what to say...Two weeks ago, I had only secured Elan card with 800CL.  For those starting out, don't think this was easy.  I have lived the last 8 years without any credit whatsoever, with exception of one rent to own account from Aaron's that showed up as paid in full and in good standing, and an old mortgage on a manufactured home that was paid off 8 years ago.  It takes a while but if anyone ever needed proof that it could be done, I'm it.  But again, I could not have done it without you folks and the information you provided. I sincerely thank you and to the garden!

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Re: to the Garden...

Way to go!!  Congratulations!!


Those are some very nice accounts and limits!!


Good job on the repair work!!


Its nice to have a clean backyard, isn't it? :smileyhappy:

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Re: to the Garden...

Congratulations! Great feeling Huh? Most of us here can relate to how you feel and where you have come from. I was there less than two years ago. Again, congrats and awesome job. Keep it up!

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Re: to the Garden...

thats awesome

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Re: to the Garden...

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Re: to the Garden...

Nice going, Congrats!

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Re: to the Garden...

That's fantastic -- good for you!!! Enjoy your new cards, and see you in the garden. :smileyhappy:

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Re: to the Garden...

What an amazing story, Congrats on rebuilding credit and getting to where you want to be!

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Re: to the Garden...

Congrats!!!!! I too was there less than two years ago....I am still amazed at how far I have come. Good for you!!!! 

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Re: to the Garden...

BIG CONGRATS to you ! 



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