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cap 1 victory!

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cap 1 victory!

was about to ditch the 300 limit platinum card. had it for 3 years, no increase, 29 fee. used to rebuild. Was about to ditch it when i saw some EO successs, wrote the email, when they called i asked for 2k, raised me to 1 k today! pretty nice, altough i prob still wont use it haha, barclays got me a 4k rewards cards so i just use that. still helps though.


waiting on word back about my orchard account they took over. at 700 asked for 2k as well.



was guaranteed both would be a soft pull.



thanks my fico!!

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Re: cap 1 victory!

Congratulations!  You deserve it!

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Re: cap 1 victory!

How long did it take to get a response? Also, was it for the partially secured card, or was it unsecured?

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Re: cap 1 victory!

Congrats Kris!

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Re: cap 1 victory!

I talked to them late Friday and they called me back today..... So about 2 days. Also It was always a unsecured card.
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Re: cap 1 victory!

Congrats, on the increase.


I myself have an Orchard Bank card

nothing to great at least I would not consider it to good at all(wish I had at least a better CL for Score purposes)

$320 limit

$79 december annual fee... (jeez, I've seen better annual fees from plenty of cards...)

but better then nothing I sappose, lol. This was my first card btw, use it here and there try to keep any balance on it low, just passed 2 year mark, I'm looking into getting a better card here real soon.

But in any event at the moment, if i wanted a CLI for this particular card do I contact Capital One or must I contact Orchard Bank about this. Or at the moment would either work? I knew for some time orchard bank would not take Customer Requested CLI so I never tried before, since Cap One is partnering / aquiring(sp) the Orchard Bank business I was not sure if this was different now.

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Re: cap 1 victory!

Two days, pretty good. Congrats!

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