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12 Recon Calls to Chase to SUCCESS!

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12 Recon Calls to Chase to SUCCESS!

I called Chase and initated a CLI on both my Freedom and my Southwest Premier cards. (Freedom was at $3000, and Southwest was at $1000)


Both were declined so I called recon. They approved the Southwest card to make it $3000 after some questions but the Freedom card was not approved.

I called everyday for the past 12 days and finally convinced one of the credit analysts...I got my Chase Freedom up to $5000.


Preserverance is key! I wasn't going to let them hard pull me for nothing!

CapitalOne Platinum - $1500
Chase Freedom - $5000 Chase Southwest Premier - $3000
Discover More - $3700
Barclays US Airways - $1500
American Express Platinum, Gold PRG, and Zync - NPSL
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Re: 12 Recon Calls to Chase to SUCCESS!

Thats awesome!!


I had to deal with a wrongful collection on my CR and it took 12+ calls to several people as well, but finally getting a collection off all 3 of my reports that has been on there since 2007. I didn't know about it until i joined this forum and pulled my reports.

Learning from my past and rebuilding..

BK discharged 1/10/17
scores: EQ 659 | TU 630 | EX 659

QS 3.8K | WF 500 | Cabela's 3k | ACU 500 |

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Re: 12 Recon Calls to Chase to SUCCESS!

Wow. That's great! 

Congratulations to you!

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Goal Score: 700 Across the Board (Mortgage Goal Achieved 1/31/2012!)

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