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30% Credit Usage!


Re: 30% Credit Usage!

Not sure if it matters, since it's a FAKO score, but my statement pulled yesterday for BofA and was also reported to Experian. My score jumped from 637 to 650. Maybe because my util was reported at 10% this month??

Starting Score (Aug 2010): EX637 EQ641 TU 650 (FAKO)
Current Score (Sep 2010): EX664 TU663 EQ677 (FAKO) // TU FICO® 651 EQ FICO® 657
Goal Score: 720

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Re: 30% Credit Usage!

30% down to 10% helps almost anyone, unless they have horrible recent derogs or something similar.


Congrats! I'm sure your FICO's are paralleling the FAKO. Smiley Wink

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