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641 credit score...

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641 credit score...

Hello.  I have managed to get my credit score to a 641 so far.  I still have some lates and other bad stuff on my report that I am trying to get rid of.  I wanted to know if it is wise to apply for a credit card now with a 641 score? I assume that they will pull my report and look at all the other stuff or do they just go by the score?  Thank you.  
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Re: 641 credit score...

If the lates are less than 6 months old, i think even with that score you might have some trouble getting approvals
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Re: 641 credit score...

Hi Bianca, and welcome to the forum! And congrats on getting your scores up Smiley Happy

I suggest you go to, and do a search by that score. That's what I do.

If you follow this thread, it lists 7 pre-approval websites. Many people find that helpful: ...

Also check out the "Get a Credit Card" in the menu bar at top of page.

As with all applying, YMMV, depending on your baddies.

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