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+$700 cli at Macy's

Frequent Contributor

Re: +$700 cli at Macy's

in one year i went from my starting $400 CL to my current $3800 CL. Gotta love it, I nursed this card since its infancy. Smiley Very Happy

myFICO Starting Scores: TU 643 03.10.09 EX 676 01.09.09 EQ 638 05.24.09
Current Score: (WalMart FICO) TU 792 04.03.13 (Mortgage Lender - HP) EX 745 02.06.13 (Mortgage Lender - HP) EQ 771 02.06.13
Goal Score: 800+

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Re: +$700 cli at Macy's

Ditto! I've had this card since August. Started with $600 and today I asked for a cli and got an additional $200.