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$72,400 in App Spree on 3-13-13, 7 accounts

To the members of the Forum…

A few of you have looked at my posts in the past and provided input and I thank you. 

With all I have learned in the past 6 months here.  Here are my MyFICO stats.

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21947 = 365 hours


So, I did my first ever APP Spree on 3-13-13.  I kind of liked 3-13-13 format. All done with in one hour.

Here is what I did.

Pen Fed Cash Rewards Visa.  Instant Approval of 19k, EQ Inq.

Pen Fed Personal LOC asked for 25k, Counter offered 20k, accepted, same EQ Inq.

Citi Hilton Honors, Got message, called in and verify a bit of info, Approved 15k, EX Inq.

Sams Club Discover, Got email approved, called in 1.5k credit recon to 3k, TU Inq.

Chase Prioirty Club, called in automated status Approved, 8.4k, EX Inq.

Amex Hilton Surpass, Instant Approval, only 2k, but maybe 61day 3X,  EX Inq.

B of A Hawaii Visa, Approved 5k, but 2 HP’s one on TU Inq, 1 on EX Inq.


But, add them, 7 accounts approved in a matter of a few days, total CL of $72,400


Took 4 Exp Inq. 1 EQ Inq, and 2 TU Inq.


After the two Inq on TU, I had 0 prior, MyFICO TU is 784, UTL is 7%, one account w/ bal.

After the one Inq on EQ, I had 4 prior, MyFICO EQ is 774, UTL is 7%, one account w/ bal.


After the four Inq on EX, I had 9 prior in last 12 months (so now 13) My Experian Score is 742.

Smart Credit has me at 776, with the 2 new Inq on TU

Credit Karma has me at 747 with the 2 new Inq on TU


Now I will wait to see the damage in all these new accounts reporting.  The only great thing is the Amex Hilton Honors will be backdated 22+ years and that will save my AAoA and make it about 3.3 years.


Total available credit line is an eye popping $ 144,350.00


My income is $104,000 per year.


I never thought it was possible. I owe it all to this Forum.


I would happy to provide other app stats if somebody wants.


There is really nothing else I can do or want to do at this time.  I am in the Garden for a long long long time.


I am going to nurse the lines along and have positive history for a long time.


I will now have a total of 19 accounts(2 of are LOC), which is too many to start with.


I have one paid in full auto loan back in 2006 and one current auto loan that is almost 50% paid off.


I am speechless................................



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Discover More 16.25k, Chase Southwest Visa 3.5k, Wells Fargo LOC 10k,
B of A Visa 20k, Wells Plat Visa 6.7k RC Willey 5k Discover IT 4k AMEX TE 2k
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Re: $72,400 in App Spree on 3-13-13, 7 accounts


Time to hit the garden!!!

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Re: $72,400 in App Spree on 3-13-13, 7 accounts


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Re: $72,400 in App Spree on 3-13-13, 7 accounts

WOW! That's pretty impressive.   Use them wisely.

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Re: $72,400 in App Spree on 3-13-13, 7 accounts

So wanna be you right now!  Awesome & Inspiring!

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Re: $72,400 in App Spree on 3-13-13, 7 accounts

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Re: $72,400 in App Spree on 3-13-13, 7 accounts

That's extremely impressive. Super Congrats!

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Re: $72,400 in App Spree on 3-13-13, 7 accounts

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Re: $72,400 in App Spree on 3-13-13, 7 accounts

Very nice indeed!!  Congratulations!!!



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Re: $72,400 in App Spree on 3-13-13, 7 accounts

wow...thats all I gotta say, is WOW.


Congrats. I WISH I had credit lines like those...and the income :smileyhappy: lol

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