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AEO Visa auto luv

was surprised to see an auto cli from american eagle when i  logged in to make a payment. Opened the card in June with a limit of 2300. They increased it to 3500 without requesting one at all...:smileyhappy: Still going strong in the garden!

biggest limits: BofA Privilege (33K)/ BofA Cash Rewards (27k)/ Citi AA WEMC (26k)/ Penfed Rewards (22.5k)/ Chase United Explorer (22k)
Fico 08 scores (6/21/14) EX: 758 TU: 759 EQ: 755 (high Utilization for me at the moment @10% so gardening mode).

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Re: AEO Visa auto luv

Congrats!!! That's a nice limit!
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Re: AEO Visa auto luv

Congrats nice inc. .....

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Re: AEO Visa auto luv

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Re: AEO Visa auto luv

Congrats on the auto luv:smileylol:

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Re: AEO Visa auto luv

Congrats! $3,500 on AEO VISA is very good!

$600$800$1,000$500(AU) $2,500
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Re: AEO Visa auto luv

Good for you. Congrats! 

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