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ALLIANT and Fico Scores?????


ALLIANT and Fico Scores?????

How low of scores will they give CC to? I have a EQ of 663 with an AA of 2yrs and oldest account of 9yrs. I have a 24% UTL. and two derog. one paid collection and the other a Charge-off both from over 4-5 yrs ago. I also have two 30 day lates on my Lowes from over 4yrs ago.


I want to App but do not want to waste a Pull.....

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Re: ALLIANT and Fico Scores?????



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Re: ALLIANT and Fico Scores?????

Its not always about your credit score, they also take in account for the things on your credit report. I called them and they said they do not have a preset credit score requirement, and someone with a score under 600 would not automatically be denied. So i believe they kinda want you to have atleast 600 or more, but if you dont, doesnt mean they still wont try and help you!


Good Luck!

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