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AMEX Approval Scores

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Re: AMEX Approval Scores

What's considered too many inquiries?

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Re: AMEX Approval Scores

Mymustangconv wrote:
I honestly don't know what voodoo amex uses for approvals. I just got approved for the $500 limit Zync with a cteditkarma fako of 599 and 71% uti. I'm DEFINITELY not complaining tho!

FAKO's are useless, creditkarma is only good for report tracking, I got a 6 pts boost in my fako for paying off my 200 CL target card balance was $80. Reason for the improvment my "monthly payment decreased $25"  My Credit Karma score was 640 and my EX Fico was around 710 (AMEX Pull),  TU Fico (Walmart)  was 720. Ignore the score use to figure out UTL, AAoA and when Credit Cards report and to watch baddies.   




Cards: Chase Southwest 20k & CSR 10k & CSP 10k & Freedom 6.6k & Amtrak/Freedom 4.6k, FNBO DISC 25.1k Oregon Duck 5k, & AMEX BCP 32.5k & Hilton Surpass 7.5k & Delta Gold 6k & Zync NPSL, Fidelity AMEX 17k Commerce5.9k & Cash Forward 7.5k & Sams Club MC 12.5k, Paypal Extras MC 8.5k, CapOne Venture 15k, QS 2.5k, QS 750, Amazon 5.9k, Walmart 10k, Citi Simplicity 9k, Discover IT 16k and a nice stack of store cards.
Last APP/HP 5/15/2017 Marcus Loan. 30k
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Re: AMEX Approval Scores

I was approved for the Zync and Gold on 7/19 with a 651 EX FICO. Had a previous CO w/ AmEx about 12 years ago. Found out I'm not on the blacklist.

Starting Score: EX: 575 (PSECU 5/2/12) TU: 582 (3/6/12) EQ: 664 (4/27/12)
Current Score: EX: 699 (PSECU 06/04/14) 702 (my FICO 08/05/14) TU: 699 (08/01/14) EQ: 675 (07/08/14)
Goal Score: 720
20K PSECU 7/12 | 12K USAA 9/12 | 11K BOA 1-2-3 9/12 | 9K Citi HHonors 9/12 | 8.5K Citi AAdvantage 5/08 | 5K Chase Sapphire Pref. 9/12 | 3.8K Barclays USAir 7/12 | 6K Walmart Dis. 11/12 | 1K Amex SPG 11/12 | 2K Amex BCP 1/13
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Re: AMEX Approval Scores

I was approved for AMEX SPG in May, $2000 limit not sure what my score was. I was denied the Gold this past July with a 707 FICO. I had too many inqs in the past year (3); too much loan debt ($12000 in college loans); too many loans (my FED loans report separately--there are 5--and I have a private loan; too many negatives (1 30 day late from 2008--the card had been closed for a year, so I don't know how--and 120 day late in 2007).
Current Cards: AMEX Everyday ($15k), AMEX BCE ($20k), Amex Platinum, Arrival ($11.5k), Merrill+ ($7.5k), Freedom ($5k), Double Cash ($6.5k)

2/16 - 864 Fico EQ (CITI); 818 Fico Ex (AMEX)
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Re: AMEX Approval Scores

Approve in store for True Earning Costco card. I was happy didn't want the embarrassment of a clerk saying sorry sir your a deadbeat. I was a little surprise I must admit, it was  approve with a $4500 limit and a 15.24% apr.

My score on MyFico are 719 Credit Karma 695 with 14% utilization. I have not use any other site for scoring.

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Re: AMEX Approval Scores

Just approved for the Amex BCE after a succesful recon! (Already a member) I'm not exactly sure what my scores are, but I know all of my credit reports have the same info on them. My EQ is about 715ish, so I would say my EX is lower 700's or a little below due to a bunch of inquiries. 

Scores: EX: 793 EQ: 804 TU: 801
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Re: AMEX Approval Scores

Hi guys. sorry if this post is a bit off but I'm new here. I was just wondering what are my chances of getting approved for Amex. I got the green card in December 2010 (EX: 740) and the nout of nowhere in March 2011 I got a letter tellimg they are closing my account without any explanation other than the standartized "it could be for one of the following reasons" bull**bleep** despite numerous calls to cusotmer reps. I pulled my credit report again and was shocked to find out that my score tanked to 585 becasue of a medical bill that went to collections because they sent it to the wrong address.  I paid the bill and slowly recovered up to EX: 682 in Oct 2012. 

My last 2 HP were supposed to fall off in September so I just recently pulled myFICO and got: EX: 618, EQ: 680, TU: 673. I have no idea why EX tanked since I expected to break 700. I got my Experian 3-bureau report and what I got was EX: 762, EQ 762, TU 681 and for some reason both EX and EQ stopped showing my amex history or my paid collection.


As far as my finances go I have one Chase Freedom (since 2010) with 5k limit and pay it off every month. Yesteday I got automatically approved for Citi diamond preferred with 6k limit and Discover it (limit yet uknown). 


So My questions is what are my chances of getting and Amex. Ideally, I would like to get the Gold one this time and after about a year upgrade it to Platinum. What are the chaces of that happening. Thanks in advance for any help.


Chase Freedom 5k, Citi Diamond Preferred 6k, Discover IT
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Re: AMEX Approval Scores

PRG approved with 686 Experian. AAoA was less than 3 years.

BCE approved with 755 Experian. Had PRG for 6 months, AAoA was almost 5 years with 1988 backdating of PRG.


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Re: AMEX Approval Scores

Thanks for the reply. 686 sounds good. I guess my main concern is this: Will Amex hold my "history" with them against me? Considering they are the ones who pulled my card after only 3 months. (I assume it was bacuase of that then outstanding collections bill)

Chase Freedom 5k, Citi Diamond Preferred 6k, Discover IT
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Re: AMEX Approval Scores


Your question is in the middle if an older thread and unfortunately the reply from indiolatino was to the OP.

Please start a new thread so that your concerns can be addressed.

Thank you

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