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AMEX Blue Sky Approval


AMEX Blue Sky Approval

Apped last week for the AMEX Blue the 14 day message, then checked status immediately and was approved. Called CSR and was approved for 5K. I think I wasnt instantly approved because I recently moved and had just changed my address in the system. Got the official approval email yesterday.

My profile:



AAoA: 2yrs

Length of Credit History: 3.5yrs

Overall Util: around 10%


Scores: 710-730 range

My Wallet:


SWCGFCU: $1750 (04/09)

Best Buy Store Card: $1400-(10/09)

Capital One Cash Rewards: $1750 (08/10) 

USAA World MC: $9000 (12/11)

USAA Platinum (AU on wife's card): $1000 (12/11)

Costco True Earnings AMEX: $6500 (2/12)

Amex Blue Sky: $5000 (10/12)


As soon as I CLI both Amex's I will prob close my Low Limit Cards.


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Re: AMEX Blue Sky Approval


I'm 23 and got a $3,500 limit on BCE, but my score was juuuust a little lower (696 TU FICO).


I am looking forward to that 3xcli at 61 days though!!!! 


congrats and best of luck!! :-)

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Re: AMEX Blue Sky Approval

Just got my acceptance letter, FICO 733 (EXP 10/4/12). Hopefully the card arrives soon!

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Re: AMEX Blue Sky Approval


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Re: AMEX Blue Sky Approval

Very nice, Congrats!

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Current Score: EQ 832 EX 783 TU 816
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Re: AMEX Blue Sky Approval

Congrats!  I want this card.

AMEX BCE, Discover IT, Citi Forward, BoA Travel Rewards, Barclaycard Cash Forward
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Re: AMEX Blue Sky Approval

Nice Congats

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