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AMEX CLI 7 Day Letter


Re: AMEX CLI 7 Day Letter



Today I received my wonderful denial letter from AMEX. Perhaps someone could give me their take on the following:


Reasons for denial:

1) Your FICO score. My score was reported as 704 by Experian. What I don't understand is that I had checked the EX score that day and their website said my score was 741.

2) Length of time you have been a customer with AMEX is too short. Reading the boards, how do so many people get the 61 day CLI's?

3) The number of credit card accounts with balances as indicated by EX. I have 6 accounts and 3 reported balances. Balances were no where near CL.


Any info would be appreciated!

Barclay Arrival World MC 10K, Citi AAdvantage 16K, Chase Sapphire Preferred 15K, AMEX Gold Delta Skymiles 16K, Venture One 5K, Discover Direct Rewards (Cap 1) $300, Discover Direct Rewards (Cap 1) $500

Scores: EX 764 EQ 750 TU 809 MyFico 739 Last App 11/13
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