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Re: AMEX Gold the TRUTH


danisgods wrote:

how'd you know they pull EX ?


Is this testing the spending limit, just an estimate? or it is for sure it is gonna go through?

Since you have "no pre-set spending limit", this feature allows you to make a test charge to see if it gets approved.  I believe this number also changes based on your spending behavior and longetivity with AmEx


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Re: AMEX Gold the TRUTH

I just checked my spending limit of my Gold Card and it said I would be ok for a $40,000 charge (didn't check higher).  But my experience with AMEX is if I charged that kind of amount they would be 'asking questions', at least to verify identity and possibly to verify funds and banking information.  And if I was trying to charge that kind of money at a pawn shop, casino or other potentially eye-raising place further hurdles would pop up.  Look at the tool on AMEX as a guide, but I wouldn't put an iron clad guarantee on it. 

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