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AMEX: What's the big deal?

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Re: AMEX: What's the big deal?

I love my AMEX cards. Customer Service is great and I have Chase, Citi, had BOA (they are HORRIBLE) that World Points Card was a totally joke! 


They are generous with CLs and I am maxed after my FR and happy as a claim.  $25K is enough for me on my credit cards and the Gold is all I need.  I don't use AAA for towing when I have a Gold AMEX!  They do all the work for me.  Membership has it's privileges Smiley Happy


Besides if AMEX was not that great, other credit card companies would not be coming after them in commericals!  Making fun of the Gold card.

AMEX GOLD-No Pre-Set Limit, AMEX Blue-$25K, AMEX Clear-$25K, AMEX Optima Plat-$25K, Sam;s Club $10K, Cap One $6K, Citi Plat.-$11K, Discover More -$10K, Columbia Bank-$9K
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Re: AMEX: What's the big deal?

pakman92 wrote:

crunching_numbers wrote:

pakman92 wrote:

I don't know about the prestige and all that.  I certainly don't like the annual fee of my Gold card.  However, it was the very first card I ever had (sophomore year in college) and I certainly can't get rid of it now.  It stretches out my credit history...  And my DW's too since she is an authorized user.


I'm planning on removing the rewards portion of my card (has a fee) since I have Chase Freedom and Costco Amex which I plan to use for cash rewards moving forward.

What are you paying AMEX total per year for the 2 cards and MR program? Is it more than $150?

$160 total = 85 for my membership, 35 for wife's additional user fee, 40 for rewards program.

If you PC to Rewards Plus Gold, AF=$150, includes extra card and MR. Although the product is no longer marketed, you can PC to it. You will also get 2X pts for air and hotels. $10 cheaper, better rewards.

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Re: AMEX: What's the big deal?

JABacchetta wrote:

Why do so many people want an AMEX card? Are they really anything other than status symbols? I keep reading all these reviews about how AMEX cards can't be beat.


Mediocre rewards (aside from the Blue Cash cards), high annual fees, and limited acceptance among businesses. Also hear that Visa Signature has the better concierge service. Am I missing something?

A friend of mine visited Hawaii in December of last year and rented a vehicle with the American Express card. Had a car accident. As he only carries liability on his car at home, he filed a claim with AMEX and they were his primary auto insurer and paid all of his costs and he had no deductbile. In my opinion, can't beat this rental insurance and the extended warranty offered by American Express.

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Re: AMEX: What's the big deal?

There has been some heavy duty in-depth reviews of all Amex cards. Some are status symbols like the Centurion, but alot of them have real value. The Amex Platinum has a high annual fee yet the travel rewards are worth more than the fee. Same goes with many Amex cards. The Starwood, and Delta cards are considered some of the best available. So Im not so sure what the OP means. Amex earned their place as one of top credit card companies for a reason.

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Re: AMEX: What's the big deal?

Nothing great here with AMEX.

I got it strictly to see if I could because they were the snobbiest when my credit improved.

Nothing but status symbol for me personally.

Doesnt mean its not a great card or company.

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Re: AMEX: What's the big deal?


The BCE card is purdy.

It has the word "American" in it, so you know it's quality.

It has the word "Express" which implies I'm going somewhere.

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Re: AMEX: What's the big deal?

MrGoat wrote:

Nothing great here with AMEX.

I got it strictly to see if I could because they were the snobbiest when my credit improved.

Just curious, what dou mean "were the snobbiest?"  Do you mean, the merits or scores required, or their manner of interaction with you?



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Re: AMEX: What's the big deal?

AMEX is excellent if you are a high spender. The rewards on the PRG can't be beat, especially if you spend more than 30k a year and the bonus points makes up the annual fee. The platinum doesnt have as good of rewards but loaded with perks.


However I spend probably about 800 a month on my credit cards so I don't spend enough to be able to justify having an AMEX. I can get much better rewards through Discover cashback or my United explorer card than I can through membership rewards. The only AMEX that would be beneficial to me is the BCE/BCP.

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