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AMEX application on hold?

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Re: AMEX application on hold?

Thanks! I'll be staying in Kowloon but going all over the place to visit family. Are you familiar with Hong Kong?


I've also heard about Cap One's zero transaction fees, but my parents used to have a card from them and they didn't have a very good experience. Apparently their account got frozen fairly often, even after routine purchases like grocery trips. Maybe their experience wasn't typical, though - I'll definitely look into one of their cards in the future. I probably shouldn't apply for another card anytime soon! I'm not too concerned about the transaction fees in HK because there's no sales tax.

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Re: AMEX application on hold?

Major congrats , tysandrafung! 


You'll be sending us a postcard, right?   Smiley Happy


Have a great trip!

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Re: AMEX application on hold?

Ha ha!  OP, I'm going through the same thing now.  My application is on hold due to duplicate  applications.  They were not able to pull my EX report when I apped for the Gold card last month.    Now that I've apped for the Blue Sky, I still had to call to let them know that the freeze on my EX report was lifted.    I hope this doesn't result in receiving two cards.  I do not want the Gold card anymore. 

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Re: AMEX application on hold?

It's been awhile, but did you have 2 hps or one?

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Re: AMEX application on hold?

aav wrote:

It's been awhile, but did you have 2 hps or one?

The OP has not logged on in 2 years. You could do a search for more recent Amex double apps but it is a ymmv 

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