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AMEX dispute / return policy? Unsure what to do


AMEX dispute / return policy? Unsure what to do

I purchased an item back in November and was not allowed to return it to the merchant. So I figured I'd just call Amex and return it to them as they refund up to $300 within 3 months. I did not know how to get the process started. Upon calling Amex and telling the CSR in December that I wanted to return the product to Amex for a refund, they told me they would dispute the charge and this would take some time. I thought this was protocol to return an item to Amex. A couple months goes by, February, and I receive a message saying the dispute was closed and that the merchant would not take my item back and now I am out of the 3 month return policy period to return to Amex (which is what I initially wanted to do)?


I called Amex back and explained the situation. The CSR said they would re-dispute the claim and that it would be expedited. Well I know that I am going to get the same answer from Amex. All I wanted to do was return the item to Amex, and not the merchant. Which is what I told to both CSR's as the merchant won't accept returns. 


I don't want to be stuck with the item, it's been collecting dust this whole time. Clearly there was some miscommunication between Amex and I. Is there another number I can call to get this sorted out? The CSR's I spoke with seemed to very generic and not to knowledgeable. 



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Re: AMEX dispute / return policy? Unsure what to do

There's a specific phone number listed in the benefits brochure for return protection. Mine, which came from my Blue Sky Preferred, lists this number for return protection: 1-800-297-8019. The pamphlet also lists eligble items that are returnable to them. 

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