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AMEX everyday preferred question

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AMEX everyday preferred question

hello everyone


i got less than a month ago my amex evrday preferred. I got it for 4k. i transfer 3k to another card and now i have 1k available. i will start making payments in order to pay that back (one year without interest ) can i still request an CLI after my 61 day mark? i have 4 credit cards with amex; the delta gold with 3k and no balance the gold rewards without balance, the platinum card without balance and the everyday preferred with 4k available and 3k of balance.


i will appreciate any feedback

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Re: AMEX everyday preferred question

1. The 61 day requirement has not been enforced in all cases for at least a year. Some people do ask for CLIs sooner and get them. Others are told to wait.

2. Nothing prevents you from asking for a CLI after a BT, but you may be more likely to be rejected or asked to provide some proof of income.
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Re: AMEX everyday preferred question

Hi JEGC19, IMHO wait for the tot utl to drop below 50%
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Re: AMEX everyday preferred question



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