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Re: APRIL - Walmart FICO TU08 is up.

708 -> 725 up 17 points. My new AMEX card is not yet reporting.

Wallet : AMEX Costco TE 23k, BoFA 123 Visa Signature $12.5k, Marriott rewards $5k, Discover IT $1.7k, Walmart Discover $5.5k, Cap 1 Platinum $1500, Amazon $2000

Scores: EQ 712(9/28/13), EX 728 (9/28/13), TU 717 (Credit Karma 10/26/13), TU 753 Walmart (9/03/13)
Last app : 9/28/2013
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Re: APRIL - Walmart FICO TU08 is up.

Mine is down -2 :smileysad:

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Macy's AMEX $10,000 Macy's Store Card $1700
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Re: APRIL - Walmart FICO TU08 is up.

Mine went up from 637 to 669 for a 32 point increase.  I did open up a lot of new accounts and I beleive my score dropped in December and is just now starting to rebound.  I guess it will take a little more time to get back over 700.  Hope it does in the next few months.

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Re: APRIL - Walmart FICO TU08 is up.

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down too 737 = / darn balances!


16 point drop

Current: EQ 735 Discover 9/5/13 Walmart TU 730 EX FICO 726 Amex Pull(1/1/13)

Starting total revolving credit: $2600 | Current total revolving credit: 31k+

Inquiries (24 Months): EQ 8 TU 5 EX 5 | Most Recent: 09/04/2013
2 Inquiries in The Last 12 Months

2014 Goals:
Lower Utility

Amex Zync(Unicorn)
Chase Freedom$1500
Discover IT$2900
Citi Diamond Preferred$6000
Citizens Mastercard$7000
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Re: APRIL - Walmart FICO TU08 is up.

661 to 681.  Opened two new cc accounts since last month. I'm actually surprised my score has increased with the two new accounts and the added inquires.

NFCU Sig Cash-20k, Amex BCP-8k, Amex Costco-1.2k,CSP-8k, Freedom-5k, Discover IT-11k,NCSECU-5k,Walmart-10k,Lowes-8.5k
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Re: APRIL - Walmart FICO TU08 is up.

774 no change for me
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Re: APRIL - Walmart FICO TU08 is up.




My Starting Score: EQ: 691 (11/30/11) TU98: 726 (11/30/11)
My Current Score: EQ: 779 (04/22/13) TU08: 835 (06/03/13)
DW Starting Score: EQ: 742 (03/02/12) TU98: 748 (03/02/12)
DW Current Score: EQ: 784 (03/11/13) TU08: 775 (06/03/13)
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Re: APRIL - Walmart FICO TU08 is up.

just logged in my WM Account.. last month 669 this month 675.. graphs shows March 13th, April 13th.

Starting Score: 680
Current Score: MyFICO 721 Credit Karma 692 Discover IT 698 WM 698 Discover 1K merrick bank 2.9K Juniper 4.6K Apple Visa 3.2K WM $1.4K and couple of other accounts I forget off hand.
Goal Score: 740 and a Visa Siggy 5K+ CL

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Re: APRIL - Walmart FICO TU08 is up.

went +10 I am happy

Starting Score: 522
Current Score: 625
Goal Score: 700

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Re: APRIL - Walmart FICO TU08 is up.

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Score went up 4 points from last month. My rehabbed $28K circa 1990 consolidated student loan started reporting on TU just this morning (Amex Creditsecure), so the impact of this is not reflected in the new Walmart score. However, rehabbing my student loans resulted in a gain of 10 points across all 3 of my reports, so I would guess that the impact next month should be positive.


Update: In order to assess to student loan reporting impact, I just checked my MyFICO TU. It's up to 782 now!! I'll update my siggy later, after I'm off of work. :smileyhappy:

All 3 bureaus (per Amex CreditSecure FAKO) are still 748 (as of 12/19/13). Cards: Discover It, $12,100, Chase Freedom $3,300, Chase Amazon $1,500, Walmart store $11,000, AMEX Zync NPSL, Costco Amex $14,700. US. Bank Cash +, $5,000. AMEX SPG $6,000, PenFed Plat. Cash Rewards $17,500, PenFed P-LOC $10,000, Citi Forward $5,100, Chase Slate $5,000, Old Navy, $2,200.

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