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AU Amex

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AU Amex

I am an AU on an Amex Green card and it just hit my experian credit report and shot my credit score up 39pts?! Is this normal? 


Also I would like to get an Amex Green card for myself eventually, how long should I wait? 


Southwest Premier $6k/ Venture One Visa Sig $5k/ Amex SPG $1k/ Amex PRG NPSL/ BofA Cash Rewards $1k / Barclay Arrival $1.5k / Discover IT $1.5k/ Cap 1 QS $2.9k/ Stash Visa $1.5k/ Amazon $6k/ Shell $500 / Fingerhut $3.4k / Walmart $6k/ Overstock $4k/ Paypal Connect $3.5k/ Nordstrom $4k/ J.crew $12k/ Express $3.1k
In the garden 07/30/16 EQ: 673 TU: 715 EX:690
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Re: AU Amex

Yes that is normal if your credit profile is not long or heavy enough. I was added an AU on AMEX, DISCOVER, CITI last year. Got almost 50-60 points boost as before them i didnt have any positive accounts.

Starting Score: EQ: 499
Current Score: EX: 659, EQ: 622, TU: 659
CHASE Freedom Unlimited: 1K, CHASE Sapphire: 5K, Barclay Arrival+: 5K, CapOne: 3K,CapOne: $3K, AMEX BCE: 3.9K, AMEX BCE: 1K, WellsFargo: 300, Discover: 8.7K, DISCOVER IT: 2K, CITI Double Cash:2.8K, Southwest Premier: 2K, Express: 2.5K, Paypal: 3.6K, Amazon: 2.5K, Macys: 7.6K, Walmart: 1.5K, BestBuy: 1.5K, Lowes: 6K, HomeDepot: 3K, BOA Cash Rewards: 300
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